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Phone: 08 8349 4366
Fax: 08 8349 4388
Post: PO Box 479
Hove, SA 5048
Address: 4 Senna Rd
Wingfield, SA 5013


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Combo Industries was established in 1963 in Edwardstown SA by Gerry Bosman, who provided a service to Chrysler and Toyota modifying chassis and utility bodies. This in turn resulted in the manufacture of new bodies for light & heavy commercial bodies.

Combo Industries has had many products to its range over the years, with a fibreglass canopy range, moulded full fibreglass freezer bodies, tray bodies & furniture vans.

With a change of management and update of product range in the early 80’s saw the introduction of modular fibreglass vans, an aluminium van system with the ‘original’ Interlock aluminium panel body, a sliding curtain body, and the introduction of tipper bodies with under body hoists.

With over twenty years experience in the manufacture of tray, tipper, van & curtain sided body systems and relocating to our current site in the hub of transport at Senna Rd Wingfield SA. We have now established these as our core products and devote many hours in design and production systems to continually improve our products.

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